Mar 22, 2021
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Terraria Has Sold Over 35 Million Copies

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If you’ve ever gotten into survival or crafting games, you’ve probably played Terraria. Well, Terraria has just crossed a milestone by passing over 35 million units sold. 17.2 million of those copies were on PC, with 8.5 million on console and 9.3 million on mobile devices. That’s a whole lot of digging down into the earth! Of note, this achievement hit less than a year after Terraria crossed the 30 million mark, indicating that even though newcomers like Valheim are enchanting survivalists, the whimsical world of Terraria is still captivating explorers at a rapid pace.

Terraria is often best with friends, an experience that has you foraging deep into the earth, summoning up huge bosses to battle and loot, and exploring big biomes…

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