Apr 8, 2021
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Marvel releases a full hourlong Zemo dancing video

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Baron Zemo’s dance moves have finally been given the hourlong treatment they deserve.

In last week’s episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Baron Zemo, the murderous villain from Captain American: Winter Soldier returned to help the show’s main duo in an enemy-of-my-enemy type of situation. At one point, the Baron has to blend in with Madripoor’s elite, which is when he does with a dance that became an instant meme.

Zemo’s dance moves immediately spread around the internet from Twitter to TikTok. It’s the perfect mixture of endearing — at least as endearing as a Wakandan-royalty-murdering terrorists can be — and out-right silly. Plus Daniel Brühl’s face during the whole thing is absolutely priceless.


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