Apr 8, 2021
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New Path of Exile 2 Gameplay Shows Off Wild Builds And A More Story-Driven Campaign

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After teasing new content for the Path of Exile franchise, developer Grinding Gear Games has revealed new gameplay for Path of Exile 2, the sequel to its popular and growing free-to-play RPG. During a special developer livestream focusing on what’s to come with Path of Exile, the developers gave fans the most thorough look at the game yet, which hasn’t been seen since its reveal back at ExileCon 2019.

The new trailer and subsequent gameplay demo focused on the Act 2 section of Path of Exile 2, which is set in a vast desert filled with demons and other supernatural entities. Set sometime after the end of Path of Exile 1, the sequel’s seven-act campaign will carry forth many of the intricate…

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