Apr 14, 2021
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Cyberpunk 2077 1.21 Patch Notes Include Lots Of Bug Fixes, UI Changes, And More

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CD Projekt Red is on a mission to update and improve Cyberpunk 2077, and that continues with the release of update 1.21 for the role-playing game. The patch is now live on PC, console, and Stadia, and it fixes more bugs and improves overall game stability.

In terms of bug fixes, this update clears out a number of issues that could prevent players from advancing, including an issue where the screen could become black. The update also fixes an issue that caused a Maelstromer to spawn in an area that players could not reach. What’s more, 1.21 fixes issues relating to clipping.

There are also some gameplay bug fixes, like one for an issue that could stop players from being able to climb ladders out…

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