Apr 20, 2021
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Build Divide Original Anime and TCG Announced

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Aniplex announced the Build Divide project, which will consist of a TCG and an original anime Build Divide -#000000 (Code Black) -. The concept for Build Divide originates from Homura Kawamoto and Hikaru Muno. Kawamoto is the creator of Kakegurui and Muno, his brother, helped to pen the Kakegurui light novels. Animation studio Liden Films and game-design company Yuhodo are also involved. [Thanks, Comic Natalie!]

The story of Build Divide -#000000 (Code Black) – follows Teruto Kurabe in the city of Shin-Kyoto, where one’s ability as a Build Divide TCG player determines your status. There is a rumor in Shin-Tokyo that if you defeat the “King,” you can have any wish granted. To do so, you must participate in the tournament…

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