Apr 20, 2021
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Resident Evil Village Preview – A Supernatural Gut Punch That Horror Fans Will Love

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Ethan Winters: The man with the worst luck in the entire world. Following the murder of his wife, Mia, and the disappearance of his daughter Rose, Resident Evil Village’s protagonist hits the ground running in the most terrible way imaginable. Waking up following an accident in a strange village, Ethan quickly finds out that there is more than what meets the eye in this town of horrors. We recently had a chance to sit down with the game to play out the first part of the latest tale from Capcom, and it didn’t take long before we realized that there is so much more going on in this village than what meets the eye. 

I sat down for a new preview session with just over an hour from the first part of the game. The follow-up of Resident…

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