Apr 22, 2021
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Nier Replicant and Nier: Automata: Which game should I play first?

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So you’ve heard about Nier Replicant or Nier: Automata, and you want to try the critically adored series. One problem: You don’t know where to start.

Relatable! The Nier series is notoriously dense, involving multiple endings, alternate versions of the original game restricted by the geography of their release, and lore tied to an entirely different (and largely forgotten) video game trilogy for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. That’s intimidating.

To lower the barrier of entry, we’ve created this concise guide to choosing the order in which you play the Nier games, dividing our recommendation for three different types of potential players.

A screenshot of Nier: Automata in which 2B pets her robot pod


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