May 4, 2021
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4 Star Wars Games You Can Play Right Now to Celebrate May The Fourth

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Star Wars Squadrons

Star Wars Day 2021 – May The Fourth

Some of the most iconic Star Wars moments of all time take place in the cockpits. While the Battlefront games give you a taste of that, no game in recent memory has dedicated itself to the art of dogfighting quite like Star Wars Squadrons.

Released late last year, Star Wars Squadrons is an excellent flight combat game set in the Star Wars universe. You can play through a campaign solo, or if you want the thrill of hunting down a pilot with an actual real-life brain, there are multiple 5v5 multiplayer modes as well.

It’s not just Tie Fighters and X-Wings either, a wealth of various iconic ships from Star Wars history is present in Star Wars Squadrons, so you can…

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