May 5, 2021
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Here’s How The Weapons Of Warzone Have Changed With Season 3

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As the dust settles on a new era of Warzone, players are getting to grips with the new meta. Verdansk ‘84 now focuses on weapons found in Black Ops – Cold War, with the clocks flung backwards into the past. While we’ve finally said goodbye to the FFAR and Groza meta, which weapons will be the ones to take their place?

Let’s walk through just how the weapon meta has changed with the Season 3 update for Warzone

Ground loot changes

The first thing you’ll notice when you drop into the new map, aside from the new visuals, is that all ground loot is now themed after the Cold War. Every weapon found in a crate is from the Black Ops – Cold War pool of weapons rather than Modern Warfare’s, as it was…

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