May 5, 2021
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Tim Sweeney apologized to Ubisoft in 2019 for ‘extraordinary’ Division 2 fraud on the Epic Store

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In April 2019, Epic Games announced a raft of new account security features that were planned to roll out later in the year, including email verification of new accounts and two-factor authentication. At the time, it seemed like a natural (if overdue) evolution of the Epic Games Store, but emails presented today as part of the Epic v. Apple lawsuit reveal that Epic’s barebones account system was causing more headaches than we realized.

The email chain indicates that Epic’s trouble was twofold: Fake accounts were easy to make, and it couldn’t deactivate games on other storefronts—the so-called “clawback” option—which meant that games remained playable through Uplay even when the associated Epic account was deactivated.

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