May 7, 2021
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Resident Evil Village Walkthrough (Spoiler-Free)

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Ethan Winters just cannot catch a break. First the whole mold business at the Dulvey house in Louisiana, then the thing on the ship with the killer child, and now, he’s stuck in an Eastern European village being hunted by a whole Brady Bunch of murderous freaks and their Lycan pals.

Ethan can use all the help he can get, and we’re here to provide assistance with a comprehensive walkthrough on how to (hopefully) survive Resident Evil Village. And don’t worry, we’ll go as spoiler-free as possible, and offer plenty of warning when we can’t.

Part 1: Introduction and the Village

So before you even get started with the game, we highly recommend giving the Baker Incident Report a read. It says it’s 80…

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