May 22, 2021
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Azur Lane USS Boise Is Wearing a Mask At All Times

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Yostar has revealed the light cruiser USS Boise as the second new Azur Lane shipgirl for its upcoming major event. The event features United States-inspired Eagle Union. Despite wearing a diving mask and carrying an oxygen tank, USS Boise claims she cannot dive for long because she is not a submarine.

Azur Lane‘s Japanese Twitter account noted her mask might give a wrong impression this new shipgirl would be difficult to approach. However, she is actually a normal and honest girl whose personality is a bit reserved. She also gets along well with her sister USS Honolulu, who is also considered to be shy.

CL-47 USS Boise will be the fourth Brooklyn-class light cruiser to appear in Azur Lane — or the sixth if both St. Louis sub-class…

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