Jun 6, 2021
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Lawsuit alleges Capcom stole art from photographer for Resident Evil and other games

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A photographer and designer has alleged in a lawsuit that Capcom games from Devil May Cry to Resident Evil 4 used her copyrighted photos extensively as environments, textures, and a primary element of the Resident Evil 4 logo. 

Judy A. Juracek is the author of a collection of her photographs, called Surfaces, first published in 1996. It comes with a CD-ROM collecting the images, but using those images for commercial projects requires paying for a license. Capcom never contacted Juracek for a license. Juracek has pointed out at least 80 photographs used as references in Capcom games across extensive documentation.

(Image credit: Judy A. Juracek)

Many of the locations and objects clearly referenced in the lawsuit came from places Juracek…

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