Jun 11, 2021
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Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master Pop Up Parade Figures Appear

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The next two Black Rock Shooter figures are part of Good Smile Company’s Pop Up Parade Collection. Black Rock Shooter herself and Dead Master, from the OVA and other anime adaptations, are on the way. Both will show up in Japan in November 2021 for ¥3,900. A $38.99 North American release will follow in January 2022.

Each of the characters are portrayed with her weapon from the series. So Black Rock Shooter has her gun, and Dead Master has her scythe. Black Rock Shooter also has a translucent effect around her left eye. Dead Master, meanwhile, has a green hue to her hair.

Here’s a better look at the Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master Pop Up Parade figures.

Each of these are decidedly less expensive than one of Good Smile Company’s…

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