Jun 11, 2021
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Guilty Gear Strive’s GG World Is its Most Underrated Feature

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For beginners, fighting games can be confusing in so many different ways. Learning even the most basic combos in Guilty Gear Strive — or any other fighting game — can feel impossible when starting out. Add in the bizarre terms like “hit confirm” and “Roman Cancel” and the barrier to entry gets even higher. Then there’s the deep and interesting, but hard-to-follow lore found in long-running franchises like Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and others.

Guilty Gear Strive manages to lower the barrier to entry by welcoming newcomers with open arms and an underrated feature called GG World that helps new players learn about various aspects of the lore all in one place.

Without this new feature, I can’t imagine how…

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