Jun 11, 2021
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Hitman 3’s Season of Sloth Gets Announcement Trailer

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Hitman 3 - Seven Deadly Sins

IO Interactive’s relentless pace when it comes to DLC for Hitman 3 continues. Fortunately, the Season of Sloth is here to help us slow things down a little. The Season of Sloth will release next week on June 15th. The Season of Sloth replaces the Season of Pride, which itself replaced the Season of Greed. While the Season of Pride will be ending on June 15th, much of its content should be available past that point, as was the case for Season of Greed content when the Season of Pride released.

IO announced the Season of Sloth in a new trailer. Details are scant, but Sloth says that he’s “going to show [Agent 47] the joys of taking it easy for once…by making it hurt when you don’t.” According to Sloth, 47’s energy is…

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