Jun 11, 2021
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Neoverse Super Hero DLC is Available Today for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

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Hello, this is Dong-hyo Kim, CEO of Tino games, the developer of Neoverse. Today, I’m here to provide a brief explanation of Neoverse and related details of the DLC that was just released.

Neoverse is a roguelike game based on cards. All three characters have different skill concepts so that you can enjoy the game diversely with randomly distributed cards and items by each game. Also, there are unique features such as accurate attack or accurate defense, and those features provide special effects. Therefore, strategic elements are essential to play Neoverse.

With Super Hero DLC, which is available today, superhero costumes are included for the main characters of Neoverse, Naya, Claire, and Helena. Those costumes…

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