Jun 11, 2021
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New Free Guy Movie Trailer Shows Ryan Reynolds’ Transformation From NPC To Protagonist

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Ryan Reynolds has been a staple of nerd and gamer culture over the last several years, with starring roles in movies like Deadpool and Detective Pikachu. However, in his latest movie, Free Guy, he’s taking up a different role altogether as a non-playable character … at least at first. Once he catches wind that his entire existence is a lie and that he’s actually an NPC in an immersive open-world video game, he decides to break free from his endless walking cycles and stop a game creator bent on destroying the world he and all his friends inhabit.

Reynolds plays Guy, an ordinary bank teller in a “paradise” full of robberies, gunfights, and, you guessed it, grand theft auto. The only problem is he has no idea that he and all of…

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