Jun 11, 2021
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Resident Evil Live Action Series Reveals Cast Photo, Lance Reddick is Albert Wesker

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One of Capcom’s best-selling video game franchises is getting a very different live action TV series adaptation to its name, as the upcoming Resident Evil live action series reveals its first cast photo — as well as announcing that John Wick films star Lance Reddick is Albert Wesker!

Resident Evil Live Action

As a departure from the video game series it is based on, Reddick will be the first person of color to play the franchise’s most iconic villain — who was originally portrayed as a blonde haired white man in the games. Joining the American actor in the cast photo are Ella Balinska , Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong, Adeline Rudolph, and Paola Núñez — whose roles have not been specified yet but will come as production is currently underway for the…

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