Jun 18, 2021
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E3 2021: Games Missing From The Show

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E3 2021 has come and gone. The industry event gave us some exciting new glimpses at the biggest upcoming games, but not everything we know about got a chance in the spotlight. There are still many heavily anticipated games that we’ve been waiting to hear more about for some time now. Below we highlight all the biggest games that were missing from E3 2021.

To catch up with GameSpot’s coverage of E3 2021, check out our , where we’ve posted all our stories and features. You can also read our E3 2021 recap, or check out our roundup of the best trailers. Otherwise, read on for all the games missing from the show.

Metroid Prime 4

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If there’s one game we haven’t heard from in the longest of times, it’s Nintendo’s Metroid Prime 4….

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