Jul 31, 2021
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12 best anime of 2021 so far

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The summer anime season is in full swing, with exciting new shows like Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S and One-Punch Man director Shingo Natsume’s new original series Sonny Boy. With the absolute deluge of awesome and exciting new anime pouring out this year, it’s reasonable that some of the year’s best might have slipped off your radar. To that end, we here at Polygon HQ put our heads together to create a list of some of the best anime to come out this year so far.

From major titles like My Hero Academia and Megalobox 2 Nomad to more niche titles like Odd Taxi, Uma Musume: Pretty Derby, and Pui Pui MolCar, here are 12 of the best anime series to air so far in 2021. Time to play catch up.

Beastars (Season 2)

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