Jul 31, 2021
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How The Ascent evolves the ARPG genre

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Neon Giant’s long-anticipated twin-stick shooter ARPG has finally arrived, granting players the opportunity to blast their way up through the glimmering cyberpunk city of Veles. The Ascent puts action above all else, but does so with an impressive amount of flair and polish that we rarely see in the genre. Watching the light from explosions reflect off the aggressively neon-soaked surfaces of the city will be a particular treat for those aboard the ray-tracing train.

The Ascent feels like the first truly next-gen game of its kind, fittingly set in a spectacular setting of bright lights and dark deeds. Here are a bunch of ways in which it’s different to earlier games of its kind.

It’s open-world

the ascent

(Image credit: Curve Digital)

Many of…

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