Jul 20, 2021
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Resident Evil Village patch makes “adjustments” to Denuvo DRM

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By Dom Peppiatt
20 July 2021 11:31 GMT

Capcom has pushed out a new Resident Evil Village patch that seemingly improves the game’s performance on PC after it was proven Denuvo tech was to blame for stuttering.

Last week, it was reported that Resident Evil Village’s implementation of both anti-piracy DRM Denuvo and Capcom’s own DRM layer resulted in the game’s constant stuttering on PC.

After it was proven beyond any reasonable doubt that DRM was indeed to blame for the performance issues, Capcom pledged to update the game to address the concerns of PC players that would have got a better game if they resorted to piracy. No publisher wants to make their players feel like that, after…

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