Jul 23, 2021
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Season 2 Kicks Off Next Week in Knockout City

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I’m here to give you the inside deets of the latest dodgeball to hit the streets with the start of Season 2 – Soda Ball!

Alright, who’s thirsty?

Dodgebrawlers all over the city have learned how to take advantage of [REDACTED]’s signature Boba Cola blend in their glorious beatdowns across Knockout City. A revolutionary shake-stable substrate has resulted in a soda that remains fizz free no matter how much you run/jump/dodge/glide around with one in your hands.

Knockout City

But dodgebrawlers have discovered a hidden side-effect — the simple act of charging the cola with dodgebrawler energy starts an irreversible chemical reaction. The pressure inside builds, and builds, and builds. In a matter of seconds the spherical…

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