Jul 31, 2021
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SMT V Hayatarou Will Support and Protect Your Party

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The daily Shin Megami Tensei V demon Atlus introduced today is a newcomer to the franchise: Hayatarou. He is a Holy demon from Japanese mythology who guarded Kozen-ji temple after a priest helped a wild mountain dog give birth to pups.

The video starts with a brief introduction of Hayatarou’s origins. Because of his past as a temple guardian, he has a lot of demon-slaying stories surrounding him. While Hayatarou shows off a powerful physical attack, he also has a strong support kit. For instance, he has a skill that raises his accuracy and evasion, as well as a higher chance of drawing aggro. This means that he can protect more fragile party members without necessarily having to take damage. In addition, Hayatarou can heal party…

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