Aug 25, 2021
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128 GB Oculus Quest 2 Is Available Today

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Today, the 128 GB model Oculus Quest 2 is available to order. This model features double the storage of the previous incarnation, which featured 64 GB of storage. These days, you can never have enough space for games and apps, so it’s not surprising that new Oculus Quest 2 models continue to support more storage. Hefty VR experiences can take up a ton of room, and it’s annoying to clean out all your stuff just to add new programs

If you’re not familiar with Oculus Quest 2, it’s a fully wireless VR option. While many iterations of VR technology continue to try and climb in the gaming space and beyond, no model has truly reached a frictionless consumer experience in regards to setup and use. However, with more storage and no wires to…

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