Aug 4, 2021
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Apex Legends needs to blow up Fragment ASAP

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World’s Edge needed a makeover. A pristine Icelandic wilderness when added in Season 3, Apex Legends’ second map was done dirty by subsequent updates. The sky was blackened, industrialisation destroyed many of its green fields and, most criminal of all, the high-speed railway service was removed. By the time Season 9 rolled around, it was in a right state.

This week Apex kicked off its tenth season, Emergence, with a sweeping rework to the ailing map. And fair credit, it’s a strong one. The bland grey factories at Sorting and Refinery have been sunk under lava, replaced with brighter new facilities. Snow has swept over much of the north of the map, Trainyard has been levelled, and the return of blue skies has brought vibrant greens and…

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