Aug 25, 2021
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Destiny 2: Season of the Lost Exotics

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Another Destiny 2 season is here, and that means more Exotics for Guardians to get their hands on. With Season of the Lost, players can expect the usual seasonal Exotic weapon, one Exotic armor piece per class, and more. Season of the Lost has at least one bonus Exotic quest.

However, we don’t know everything about the Exotics coming this season. Bungie has officially revealed four through the in-game collection, but it’s hiding one more. Here’s a look at the four Exotics we know about, and everything we know about the fifth. As in past seasons, players can get the new Armor Exotics by soloing Master or Legend Lost Sectors.

Lorentz Driver

The Lorentz Driver linear fusion rifle in Destiny 2

Lorentz Driver is the…

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