Aug 27, 2021
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No More Heroes 3 is Garish and Gory (in a Good Way)

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The world’s most famous Beam Katana-wielders is back. And, well, No More Heroes 3 is exactly what you expect it to be. It is equal parts garish and gory. There are lots of people with questionable moral compasses. It can demand precision, whether you’re cutting down aliens or plunging a toilet. Even some heartfelt moments sneak their way into it. In short, No More Heroes 3 is a lot and has a very distinct sense of style, which I think is exactly what people coming to it will want and expect.

The abilities of Travis Touchdown and other United Assassins Associations members may have seemed supernatural in past No More Heroes games, but No More Heroes 3 kicks things up a notch. 20 years prior to the game, a man named Damon met and…

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