Aug 26, 2021
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See Fortuna the Lady of Fortune in SMT V

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The next Shin Megami Tensei V trailer is here. As expected, there is still only one demon in the series that happens to be a woman with a wheel in the middle of her body. The SMT V Fortuna trailer shows what the goddess of fortune will be capable of in the newest game.

Fortuna is one of the more recent SMT demons, as she first showed up in the spin-off Strange Journey. Immediately after Fortuna is summoned in her SMT V video, it gets to work showing her in a fight. First, she uses Zan+3 against an Onmoraki. After that, she uses Dia+2 to heal herself. As the video comes to a close, she uses Sukukaja+1 on the Nahobino to make him more agile.

At the end of the Fortuna SMT V trailer,…

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