Sep 25, 2021
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Back 4 Blood Trophies Revealed

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It’s time to prepare for some carnage and earn some gory achievements in return. Back 4 Blood Trophies have been revealed online, and they show hint at some pretty interesting achievements players can get if they meet the right conditions!

There are 56 trophies that can be earned by PlayStation players, and you can check them out below.

Welcome to the Apocalypse
Good luck out there, you’re gunna need it.

0.00% (0.0)

Paid the Toll
Complete The Devil’s Return

0.00% (0.0)

This Round’s On Me
Complete Search and Rescue

0.00% (0.0)

Breakfast Can Wait
Complete The Dark Before the Dawn

0.00% (0.0)

Enemy of Mine
Complete Blue Dog Hollow

0.00% (0.0)

Act 1 Recruit
Complete all Act 1 maps on Recruit difficulty or higher

0.00% (0.0)

Act 1 Veteran
Complete all…

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