Sep 24, 2021
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Bayonetta 3’s Director Talks Combat And New Summon Mechanic In Message To Fans

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Well, it finally happened. After over 4 years since its initial announcement, Bayonetta 3 officially got a big re-reveal at today’s Nintendo Direct. The main character herself got a makeover, as has become tradition for the series now it seems, but also looked somewhat different in a lot of regards. It’s hard to parse with what little we’ve been shown so far, but the combat seems different alongside big monsters battling out in ways that we haven’t seen before. We’ll no doubt find out more as time goes on, but the game’s Director has a message for fans on what they are aiming for.

On the official PlatinumGames website, Director Yusuke Miyata had a few things to say. It’s his first foray into the franchise, and he…

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