Sep 23, 2021
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Blade Runner tabletop RPG will let players hunt replicants in LA

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The Blade Runner franchise is being turned into a tabletop role-playing game, and Free League Publishing is charged with bringing it to life. The first in a series of new products is expected in 2022. The announcement was made on Thursday.

The Blade Runner tabletop RPG will cast players in the role of Replicant Blade Runners, hard-boiled detectives on the hunt for artificial humans. The Core Rules book will help game masters to create storylines in and around Los Angeles in 2037, smack dab in between the events of the original film starring Harrison Ford and Blade Runner 2049.

“It is important for us to fully capture the Blade Runner experience and themes from all perspectives — even the city,” game director Tomas Härenstam…

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