Sep 23, 2021
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DayZ 1.14 Stable Will Arrive on September 29

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DayZ, one of the most exciting and brutal survival games out there, is supposed to receive its next iteration of improvements on September 29. We’re talking about a stable version of 1.14 which should replace the 1.13 on the live servers.

So far, we have anticipated the 1.14 update on the experimental servers. We can confirm that it included many exciting changes, including the new Toxic Zones, inaccessible without the right gear. HAZMAT suit and Gas Masks will be needed more than ever, as the Toxic Zones usually offer tweaked loot tables that offer special surprises.

DayZ’s official Twitter profile announced the arrival of patch 1.14 on the live servers and stated that there will be no wipe for this update. Survivors, see you on…

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