Sep 23, 2021
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DC Fandome Teaser Has New The Batman Footage, Honors Past Dark Knights

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DC Fandome celebrates The Batman with a teaser that honors the actors who have played the Dark Knight, including Robert Pattinson.

The Batman DC Fandome Teaser

DC Fandome keeps The Batman hype going with a teaser that also honors past actors who portrayed The Dark Knight. Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kimmer, George Clooney, Christain Bale, Ben Affleck, and now Robert Pattinson have all taken up the mantle as the Caped Crusader.

The DC Fandome teaser celebrates the live-action history of Batman through multiple DC films, which increases the anticipation for Pattinson’s portrayal of the brooding hero. Pattinson is no stranger to having dark…

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