Sep 15, 2021
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Destiny 2 Shattered Realm – Forest Of Echoes Ascendant Mysteries Guide

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The Shattered Realm in Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost includes a bunch of hidden secrets, and this week saw the introduction of some new ones: Ascendant Mysteries. While Trivial Mysteries are the simplest puzzles to solve in the Shattered Realm missions, and Enigmatic Mysteries take a little more effort, Ascendant Mysteries are full-on special objectives you’ll have to uncover.

The Forest of Echoes, modeled after the EDZ’s Trostland location, has two such Ascendant Mysteries hidden in it. Finding them can be tough, and you’ll want to be prepared for a fight when you finally uncover them. Here’s where you can find both Ascendant Mysteries this week and how to complete them.

This week also saw the addition of the new Exotic…

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