Sep 19, 2021
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Epic Games’ senior artist shows a modern version of Doom 3’s Spider Mastermind

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Doom Spider Mastermind modern concept-1

Although Spider Mastermind was the ending boss in Doom 2, it was absent from Doom 3. Ironically, id Software was planning to include it as there was concept art for it. However, and during development, the team cut it from the game. And although we’ve gotten a Spider Mastermind in Doom 2016, Martin Holmberg has decided to give us a glimpse at what a modern version of Doom 3’s monster could look like.

Now in case you aren’t aware of, Martin Holmberg is the senior environment artist at Epic Games. And this new modern take on Doom 3’s canceled Spider Mastermind looks absolutely amazing.

As said, Martin used the concept art of Doom 3’s Spider Mastermind in order to create it. The artist that created the original…

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