Sep 20, 2021
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Far Cry 6 new trailer showcases Giancarlo’s genuine villain attitude

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Hollywood’s favorite villain, Giancarlo Esposito, welcomes you to his home while his new suits are tailored. He has a couple of things to tell you, including your and his mission in Far Cry 6. In Far Cry 6, Giancarlo Esposito plays the role of antagonist Anton Castillo. A dictator whose brutal actions need to be suspended for the greater good. After a turbulent life, Anton Castillo has established himself as “El Presidente,” promising the rebuild of Yara. And yes, he’s not scared of freedom fighters like yourself.

On Monday, Ubisoft has published a new trailer in which Giancarlo reveals that he’s ready to show his “most monstrous villain yet.” Taking on Anton won’t be an easy task to do, and he’s here to remind you…

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