Sep 26, 2021
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Halo Infinite – 3 New Maps Leak, Including One That Seems to be Set in New Mombasa

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With a game as big as Halo Infiniteleaks are pretty much inevitable, and with the game’s focus on online multiplayer, it’s no surprise that we’ve already had a couple of leaks focused on what maps will be available in the game. We have another one of those here, with dataminers digging into the game’s files courtesy of its second technical preview, and discovering what seem to be three new unannounced maps.

One of these is set in an indoor location (which Halo fans are probably a little sick of right now), with what looks to be hydroponic equipment visible on the fringes. Another map is set on what looks like a Halo ring, with a massive Banished anti-air weapon taking aim at a UNSC spacecraft. The third, however, is what…

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