Sep 27, 2021
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Hot Wheels Unleashed Review – The Unicorn of Toy Car Racers (Xbox)

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The debate was visceral and passionate. “What are you talking about?” I insisted. “There isn’t any comparison. Hot Wheels is clearly better than Barbie! For one, Barbie is always pink and all she does is wear different clothes. Hot Wheels come in a massive variety of colors spanning the entire spectrum, and you can make them do jumps. And besides, Barbies are for girls!” My mystified seven-year-old self scoffed with disdain and frustration, and just a little hint of anxiety (admittedly with considerably more childlike vocabulary). I was adamant that the girls among my Kindergarten classmates who chose the Barbie toys at McDonald’s were wrong for doing so. I loved Hot Wheels. Looking back more than 20 years later I’m a…

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