Sep 25, 2021
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Kirby And The Forgotten Land Might Be The Cutest Post-Apocalypse Ever

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Nintendo may have accidentally leaked its existence beforehand, but it’s still exciting to find out that Kirby’s next adventure is called The Forgotten Land and takes Nintendo’s cutest mascot to a surprising location. Instead of the whimsical Dreamland, Kirby explores a ruined island metropolis that looks surprisingly grounded in reality. As much as a Kirby game can be, at least. 

The Forgotten Land is a fully 3D platformer with an open world to explore. You’ll traverse a city reclaimed by nature, an abandoned theme park, and other decaying locations. Don’t worry, The Forgotten City still retains the series’ fantastical vibe and sports plenty of bright colors. Only Kirby can make a seemingly post-apocalyptic game look…

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