Sep 30, 2021
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Minecraft Guide – Surviving the First Night

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The world of Minecraft is rife with danger, whether it be a simple misjudged jump or lethal potion-tossing witches. Your first night in the game is arguably the toughest one to get through, but making it through is more than doable. You need shelter, light, and food to get started; they’re like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, but for Minecraft. Once you have these, you can begin to worry about things like armor, farming, and building a memorable home for yourself. Here’s how to survive the first night in Minecraft, step by step.

Punch The Heck Out Of Some Trees

The first thing you need is building material. Namely, some wood. Even just one tree–it doesn’t matter what kind–should get you started. Punch the tree with your fist…

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