Sep 18, 2021
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Mithra and Koppa Tengu Glide Into SMT V

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The newest two Shin Megami Tensei V daily demon digest videos on Atlus’s YouTube channel takes a look at Asian mythology. Mithra and Koppa Tengu have been confirmed to appear in SMT V. Though the two are from Asian religion and legends, Koppa Tengu hails from Japan whereas Mithra has roots in countries like Persia.

Mithra marks the 100th video for the series, which means that we are just under half of the demons that Atlus will show off for SMT V. In the video, Mithra uses a Hamaon spell to defeat a Succubus, before using Mamudoon on a group of Throne enemies. Aside from dark and light spells, Mithra can also use non-elemental magic, as shown with Megidolaon. These are all skills that Mithra has displayed in past…

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