Sep 24, 2021
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Pokemon Go Furfrou Forms, Where to Find Them and How to Form Change

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Trainers, Furfrou, and its forms are now available in Pokemon Go and many players are wondering how many forms are there, where to find them, how to use the latest form change mechanic, and how to catch Furfrou.

Furfrou is a new Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Go as part of the Fashion Week 2021 event. This Pokemon has different forms available in certain regions around the globe.

There are 9 Furfrou forms, also known as Trims, currently available in Pokemon Go, and here is where to find them.

Fufrou Forms and Where to Find Them

  • Furfrou Natural Form: Available in the wild globally
  • Furfrou Matron Trim: Available as a form change globally
  • Furfrou Dandy Trim: Available as a form change globally
  • Furfrou Debutante Trim: Available as a form…

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