Sep 23, 2021
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Review: D&D’s Yawning Portal comes to life as a 3D tavern terrain set

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Every great Dungeons & Dragons campaign starts in a tavern (except when it doesn’t). There’s no more famous tavern in all of 5th edition than The Yawning Portal Inn. In Nov. 2020, Polygon announced that WizKids was bringing that tavern to life as a modular plastic kit, and last week they sent us the very first unit off the assembly line. I’ve been fiddling with it for a few days now, and I’m kind of blown away.

This nearly $400 item is slightly different than what we were originally shown in digital mock-ups, but it’s easily one of the most impressive and detailed terrain sets that I’ve ever seen. Basically, it’s the G.I. Joe aircraft carrier for Dungeon Masters, something that could easily become the centerpiece of…

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