Sep 23, 2021
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See Ganesha and Macabre in SMT V

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More returning Shin Megami Tensei demons have their own videos. Atlus’ two SMT V trailers for Macabre and Ganesha appeared on September 23, 2021. Both appeared in mainline SMT games and both the Persona and Devil Survivor series.

First is Macabre, who is the 110th SMT V demon shown so far. Many of the attacks are physical in nature.

Next, the 111th SMT V demon digest video shows off Ganesha. Quite a few of the attacks he uses are wind-based. For example, Mazandyne+1 comes up when he faces multiple Lilim.

As for one of the SMT V September 24, 2021 demons, the end of the Ganesha video features a silhouette people who played…

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