Sep 22, 2021
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Tales of Arise Continues Themes Seen in Zestiria, Berseria

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Leading up to the release of Tales of Arise, many fans wondered how the title would be compared to other games, and what sort of story would unfold in the world of the Dahnans and Renans. The story of Alphen and Shionne begins as a story of liberation, but as it evolves and truths are revealed, their tale feels familiar. With Alphen’s memories returning and Shionne opening herself to her friends, the new title makes itself home with Tales of Berseria and Zestiria by setting itself up as another story discussing coexistence and the importance of the past affecting the future.

As these three titles are part of an ongoing JRPG series, some similarities are to be expected. Tales of Arise notably takes…

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