Sep 25, 2021
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The best PKM loadout for Warzone

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Fancy trying the best Warzone PKM loadout? Let’s go back to when nobody knew Verdansk like a second home. When nobody had the fear in their hearts of getting beamed from across the map with the AMAX. We hadn’t even experienced the collective horror of the DMR meta. Back then, it was range and power combined as we all learned the ropes in Verdansk. For me, that feeling is embodied by the humble PKM.

The PKM is a powerful LMG which does exactly what you want it to: shred enemies from a distance. Sure, you might’ve moved on to the Stoner 63 or prefer the game’s fancy pants assault rifles, but here’s one for the old heads: the best PKM loadouts for Warzone.

The best long-ranged PKM Warzone loadout

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