Sep 26, 2021
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Today’s SMT V Daily Demon Digests Focus on Sandman and Dominion

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Today’s SMT V daily demon digests explore Sandman and Dominion, and how they can benefit the Nahobino in battle. Whereas Dominions are essentially angelic nobility from the Bible, a Sandman is a mythical creature from European folklore who works to put people to sleep.

Sandman will appear as a demon from the Night race in SMT V, which fits its background. During the video, Sandman tells the Nahobino that it has been waiting for a young person like him. It doesn’t have enough sand in the bag that it carries and comments that for an old demon like itself, it’s tough to have to collect materials for it. At the end of his video, he makes a pun and then quickly checks if the Nahobino got it, befitting his old man…

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