Sep 24, 2021
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Universal Unreal Unlocker: This mod gives almost any UE4 game an incredible photo mode

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(Image credit: Suspiria 72)

At this point we practically expect photo modes in certain kinds of games. If you’re playing a fancy open-world or action game with exquisitely detailed graphics, it’s a surprise to find the developers didn’t implement a good way to capture the perfect freeze frame of a lush landscape, a cool pose, or a detailed facial expression. 

And even when games do have their own photo modes, these proprietary versions can have limitations. If you’ve been looking for a more multi-purpose photo mode tool, you’ll be glad to know that screenshotting aficionados already invented it: the Universal Unreal Unlocker, or “UUU.”

(Image credit: Pino44io)

The UUU mod lets you trigger a free cam mode in a lengthy list of Unreal Engine…

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